About Zykronix

Zykronix was founded in Denver, Colorado in 1990 as a world class designer and manufacturer of technological solutions to challenges faced by the medical and industrial fields and primarily existed as a custom solutions provider. Zykronix’s innovation in these fields was highlighted following the self-branded release of the world’s smallest single board industrial PC, the Little Monster. More recently however; Zykronix has placed an emphasis on developing technologies that have a similar impact for the home and hospitality markets.

When entering this market, Zykronix brought years of experience designing and manufacturing devices which demand reliability and functionality coupled with a Taiwan based manufacturing operation, and a true global support presence with a satellite office in Germany. This comprehensive portfolio of offerings and experience led Zykronix to early partnerships with current leaders in the booming home automation market. Additionally, Zykronix has provided numerous custom solutions for world class hospitality settings that continue to see daily use.

Zykronix further expanded upon its commitment to a living experience enhanced by technology by developing a unified board solution that incorporates technologies that have been adopted as a standard within the automation industry. These unified board solutions are able to be outfitted with a wide array of display sizes and are meticulously designed to be a welcome addition to any setting. With a unique approach whereby only the necessary functionality is added to the device, Zykronix delivers a cost effective solution with an unparalleled time to market. This approach allows for a much needed dedicated interface to be incorporated to any solution by eliminating overheads from designing, testing, and certifying an in house device.

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