Hospitality Automation


Hotels, conference centers, large and small to commercial properties and facilities, trust Zykronix to provide energy management solutions to their everyday needs. These flexible solutions automatically impact your bottom-line and give you a priceless edge by redefining the guestroom experience. These can system powers down, the lights, A/V and appliances at pre-set times when guest are not around. Manage, configure and update details remotely, from any Internet connection. Allow guests to control drapes, lights, temperature, TV, music, schedule wake-up calls, request valet, and more with one device or multiple.

User Interfaces

Sleek, simple and even portable user interfaces can be built to offer a multitude of services in one place.

Entry & Security

Allow guests and staff to feel safe when entering and exiting facilities as well as control access remotely as needed.

Lighting & Electronics

Technology to provide a rich, inviting experience for guests that both automate energy usage and provide a comforting environment.

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