Visualization devices


A dedicated visualization touchscreen interface for your automation solution provides a necessary constant point of interface to the environment. From security to lighting solutions, a dedicated visualization interface is essential to offering an intuitive and welcoming setting. We offer a robust family of ready to ship devices that are configurable to include a vast array of industry leading technologies. Easily incorporate your branding with our elegant design for a rapidly available product, or customize a product that is designed and tailored to your exact needs.


A discreet scene controller interface that illuminates after sensing your presence. Set the stage for any occasion with a single touch on this versatile keypad.


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Jazz & Jazz EQ

A single gang 4.7” and 5.0″ multi-protocol visualization touch screen that naturally integrates with any environment to provide a discreet access point for any automation solution.


Download Jazz A9 (iMX6) Datasheet

Download Jazz Quad Core A53 Datasheet

Download Jazz EQ Quad Core A53 Datasheet


An elegant single gang 5.5” touchscreen offering the rich visual experience of more grandiose automation interfaces while maintaining a minimalistic footprint.


Download Opera A9 (iMX6) Datasheet

Download Opera Quad Core A53 Datasheet


‘Aesthetics and Technology in harmony’
An exceptionally powerful but elegant Giulia with eight processor cores listens to your natural voice commands!

Download Galaxy A9 (iMX6) Datasheet


‘Smartification of everyday life’
Intelligent control by Natural Voice & Visualization.

Download Sonata Octa Core A53 Datasheet


Redefining automation with a powerful, bright 7” multi-protocol touchscreen display with the capability of controlling and interfacing with your solution on a single elegant device.

Download Galaxy A9 (iMX6) Datasheet


Elegant expression, beautifully engineered, a vibrant 8” display that floats on the wall to provide an extraordinary visual experience while retaining the familiar size of its predecessor.


Download Melody A9 (iMX6) Datasheet

Download Melody Quad Core A53 Datasheet


Bigger yet dramatically thinner, An 11.6” full HD multiprotocol touch screen that floats on the wall to offer incredible visuals for complex interfaces and multimedia playback.


Download Symphony A9 (iMX6) Datasheet

Download Symphony Quad Core A53 Datasheet

Echo 19

A 19.4” panoramic display for a lavish and feature full interface that provides an experience unlike any other.


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